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redymix history

Redymix DMT, has become one of the most talented DJ Entities in Trinidad and Tobago!

In 1998, Shomari Smith and Richard Phillip began honing their talents by utilizing every Friday afternoon to improve their technical skills on freshly purchased records they could only afford by saving & sacrificing lunch money. At that time, the group started off as the name Redymix Crew. The two individuals took their practice sessions and soon started promoting themselves in Trincity (their home town) as well as other areas in the east west corridor. It was not until Shomari attended the University of the West Indies St. Augustine (UWI) that the musical influence of Redymix began to be felt.

In 2008, Shomari decided to revamp the entire branding of Redymix by adding the acronym DMT (Digital Music Transmission). The concept was coined as he began noticing the movement in technology globally from analog to digital in all aspects of communication & media. This change was also in cohesion with the Redymix annual campus anniversary party Red White & Water, which by this time became the most popular event on the party calendar. The re branding proved to be a great marketing initiative which sparked even greater interest in the group. In 2009, after successfully competing in the DJ Warz competition, Shomari fulfilled a child hood dream and joined 96.1WEFM, the Number #1 urban radio Station in T&T. However 1 year later, on August 10th 2010, Kennis passed away succumbing to sickle cell anemia. The grief and shock took the entertainment world by storm as many saw Kennis as the next future star for radio.

Shomari KRL

Selecta Kerry

SELECTA KERRY Real Name Kerry Anderson Nicome hails from home town sangre grande, Trinidad. Kerry started playing music at the age of 8 while growing up around djs like 2/20 Sugars & Howie T so it was embedded in him to take up the craft. It was not till at age 15 he played at his first big stage event. The opportunity that he was afforded ignited a spark in him that he claims still burns to this day..


Known as one of the top scratch DJs in T&T Kerry has wokred his way into becoming one of the top Musical Maestros in the T&T party circuit. He is currently the road/performance DJ for Soca Artiste 5 Star Akil. He has also been part of Radio Staions 96.1WEFM and is now a headline DJ on SLAM 100.5FM. (Mon to Fri 6-9pm)

His main influences are a mix between both local & foreign Djs such as Selecta Jr of Studio Guys, DJ Carbon, Cha Cha The Turntablist, Dj Angelo, Jazzy Jeff and Clyde D Outlaw to name a few. Kerry has a passion for music and is always ready to learn new stuff & challenge himself with a new scratch a new combo or a new technique.......whatever is new that challenges his skills..... he is on it.


"Life is a beat just how u catch that beat will determine how u move"

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Mikey Singh

Mikey has also been part of reputable DJ groups in the past  such as Dragon Sound System, then  Xcaliber International, alongside Dawg e Slaughter. Being a DJ/ Selector/Graphic artist wasn’t enough for Mikey, as he wanted more out of the entertainment industry, and over time he became intimately involved in Party/Event Production. This lead to  successful events such as REDEEM, Dutty Santa (With Redymix and STS) and others.

Currently Mikey owns a growing event lighting company called MASE Ltd.

At the beginning of his time in UWI, Shomari re connected with an old friend & UWI employee Kennis London, who shared the same passion for music as he did. From the first year on campus Shomari & Kennis began networking with the multiple students from all over the Caribbean as well as getting involved in many university events. Shomari (who graduated later on with a B.Sc in Public Sector Management & psychology) with a mind for creativity both musically and artistically mixed with Kennis’ desire to be a consummate professional in music and promotions allowed the formidable duo to become the headline University DJ. Shomari & Kennis became Entertainment ambassadors for the University. But in addition, promoters and event coordinators across Trinidad and Tobago began taking notice of their talents leading them to become one of the most sought after Musical entities in T&T.

Considered one of the most versatile and talented DJs in Trinidad and Tobago, Shomari Smith is a musical force to be reckoned with behind a pair of CD players/Turntables or even on the microphone.  Adopting the acronym  KRL (a double meaning of Konstantly reaching Lives as well as paying homage to deceased friend Kennis Redymix London) Shomari constantly looks for ways to reach the nation’s youth on a positive level while still entertaining the musically inclined.


Versatility & creativity, behind the decks while having the fantastic ability of Multitasking to energise an audience on the Mic are key elements that describe the talents of Shomari. He is best known nationally for  his humbleness, entertainment insight,  youth following especially among Tertiary Level or University students. He also was  part of the #1 Morning Radio Show in Trinidad & Tobago on Sundays (The Hook up on 96.1wefm) for 7 years. Shomari has been perfecting his skills (since the age of 12) over a wide variety of Musical genres & styles (Soca, Calypso, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop & Top 40 Music) and he has entertained listeners young and old at many venues, all across T&T and the Caribbean

He is gifted with a unique ability to blend new flavors with hits that have defined his  generations prior, creating a vibe that’s addictive to audiences and has reinforced his position as one of the top DJ’s/Announcers in T&T.


On his own or alongside DJ & friend Mikey Singh, Shomari & the banner Redymix DMT have performed at some of the best venues and events in Trinidad to Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and St.Kitts to name few; Guest appearing, headlining and hosting shows with top artists from Bunji  Garlin to Machel Montano, Vybz Kartel to Busy Signal and everyone in between.


The Musical Motivation of Shomari and Redymix DMT  exists in the desire to make every performance and interaction better than the previous and believing that success comes to the hard working and those who want it the most.

Understanding the need to incorporate young passionate individuals he knew to help him build Redymix DMT, Shomari drafted child hood friend Anthony “Mikey” Singh under the Team. Mikey who already had extensive experience with DJ Groups (Dragon Sound/X caliber International) as well as Radio frequencies (Red96.7 & 96.1WEFM) proved to be a valuable asset to Redymix. As a DJ, his skills make him one of the best selectors in the country with a specialty for Carnival Day parades. As a promoter he has done a slew of successful events such as Redeem, Osmosis and Dutty Santa with Shomari and group STS. Finally he has also built a successful upcoming lighting company, which specializes in parties, stage lighting, Truss Building, weddings and general events called MASE Ltd.

Shomari and Redymix DMT still press on now being more popular than ever before. Doing events across the length and breadth of Trinidad &Tobago, as well as other Caribbean Islands like St Kitts & St. Vincent and the Grenadines to name a few. Known for “concert like” DJ performances Redymix DMT now hits all the mainstream events and can be seen weekly making a positive impact in the entertainment industry.

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